Joomla Multipurpose Restaurant Template

Thank you for purchasing our template. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email us via our user page contact form here. Thank you very much!


This unique template is a responsive and retina-ready HTML5 website with grid system layout.

Continue reading the documentation guide to uncover all the features provided.

1) K2 support for Blog and portfolio
2) SP page builder
3) Virtuemart for menu items
4) Valid HTML5 / CSS3 pages
5) Google map with marker and address
6) Perfectly responsive
7) Retina-Ready
8) Cross browser compatible – tested in IE 9,10,11; Firefox; Safari; Chrome and Opera
9) Well formatted and commented, so it should be easy to adapt and extend
10) Quick Start & Easy Documentation
11) Free Support from skype 24 * 7

This user guide covers all options that the template provides. Please read the documentation carefully as it probably contains answers to most of questions that may arise. In case if you feel some aspect is not covered or have some questions, contact us via e-mail or via skype joomlastars. We will do our best to answer you in shortest of time.


The updates will be published every time a reasonable amount of any bug fixes and improvements is available. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to see any new feature implemented with the upcoming updates. The more specific and demanded requests we get the higher are the chances the new feature will be included on next update.


Joomla templates have the least requirements to hardware resources. Any server with any configuration is sufficient. Just unzip the files and transfer to your server using any FTP software.

Installation Guide

For Updated template Documentation Guide check Documentation guide

Lets take a closer look at the Installation, Extensions Guide, structure of Template, JavaScript...

Folder Structure

When you unpack downloaded archive from you'll get folder containing 8 folders.

  1. Documentation - Documentation for install template
  2. Extensions - All Extensions zip files
  3. Licensing - License detail
  4. Quickstart - Easy Installation Quick start files
  5. Theme - It include theme zip file

Installation Guide

You can setup Astoria theme by using following 2 ways:

  1. Astoria - Quick_start Installation
  2. Astoria template installation for Existing joomla setup.
  1. Steps for Astoria - Quick_start Installation:
      Step : 1
    1. Find and Unzip the file and find the Quick_start folder
    2. Step : 2
    3. Upload Quick_start folder on server via FTP or CPanel
    4. Step : 3
    5. Start installation by typing your URL to the directory you have placed Quick_start files. The installation page should be appeared as normal Joomla! installation
      (Ex: localhost/ [directory name] /installation/index.php or domain name/ [directory name] /installation/index.php)



      img Add site name (Ex: Astoria)

      img Add administrator email address

      img Add username (Ex: admin)

      img Add Password (Ex: admin)

      img Repeat Password (Ex: admin)

      img Click next


      img Add server hostname (Ex: localhost)

      img Add username of host

      img Enter password of host

      img Add database name (Ex: astoria)

      imgClick next


      imgSelect Default English (GB) Sample Data and click on Install Sample Data

      img Click Install


      imgRemove installation folder

      img Click Administrator

    6. Step : 4
    7. Login into your administrator panel using username and password you have given (Ex: admin / admin)
    8. Step : 5
    9. Change password with User Manager (Site - User Manager)
    10. Step : 6
    11. We advice you to set all directory permission to 755 and files permission to 644 via Cpanel or FTP




      Step : 7
    13. Select jce editor as default editor.




      Step : 8
    15. You can Set Theme Different Options From Template Manager.




      Step : 9
    17. You can view site and see site preview as our demo. you can change your own images and content.

      This link will help you to edit site from front end :

      NOTE : For check extensions position and details Click Here.

  2. Steps for Astoria template installation for Existing joomla setup
      Step : 1
    1. Download Joomla latest Version From and Install it.
    2. Step : 2
    3. Unzip the file and find the in Theme Folder
    4. Step : 3
    5. Login into your joomla administrator panel
    6. Step : 4
    7. install file from Extensions->Extension Manager



      Step : 5
    9. Make Astoria theme as a default template from Extensions-> Template Manager



      Step : 6
    11. Open Astoria - Default Theme. Change Template Options as per your requirement



      Step : 7
    13. View site You will find blank page because there is no extensions and sample data installed in your site.
    14. Note : You have no sample data installed so install quick start in local and copy articles and custom Html and save it to position according to quick start

      Step : 8
    16. Install all Extensions from Extensions Folder.
    17. After Install Extension set position according to Step : 9 and Click here for more detail of Extension with screenshots Click Here

      Step : 9
    19. Set Extensions According to following positions
      1. Extra Extensions
        • : This plugin is used to set bottom to top button
      2. Home Page Settings
        • mod_menu : Menu module in position menu in All page
        • : Language Filter module in position user1 in All page
        • mod_estore : Contact module in position footer1 in All page



      3. About Page Settings
        • John Doe : John Doe mod_estore in About page
        • Astoria: The Story : Astoria: The Story mod_estore in position in About page
        • Open The Hours : Open The Hours mod_k2_content in About page



      4. Reservation Page Settings
        • : Contact Form module in Reservation page

        • Output from templates\shaper_helix3\html\mod_jdcontact\default.php




      5. Menu Page Settings
        • Virtuemart product module in Menu page
        • Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch, OUR weeks SPECIFY, SOUP of THE DAY : VirtueMart Products in Menu page


      6. Blog Page Settings
        • : k2 Blog category in Blog page

          Note : output comes from ROOT\templates\shaper_helix3\html\com_k2\templates\category.php


      7. Contact Page Settings
        • Contact page used from sp page builder for contact page
        • GET IN TOUCH : mod_estore in Contact page
        • : Map module in Contact page
        • SP Quick Contact : in Contact page
        • Follow us : mod_estore in Contact page



      NOTE: After installation don't forget to Enable them


      NOTE : How to set Extensions Click Here.

Templates Files and Structure

Template Structure



Extension Guide


    Extra Extensions



    Home Page Extensions



    Menu Page Extensions



    Contact Page Extensions




Skyline Scroll to Top is a system plugin of Joomla 2.5+. It adds a 'Scroll to Top' link which appears when the user scrolls down, and disappears when users reach the top of the page into your website..

You can find in Extensions Folder


Go to Plugin Manager and find System - Skyline Scroll To Top




You can see in demo




Your site in multiple languages in the easiest way. The Falang component allows you to manage all your content translations, even the content of all your components/modules, on your web site.

You can find in Extensions Folder


Go to Module Manager and find FaLang Language Switcher in position user1




Select position : user1


Go to Components -> Falang for change site language




You can see Home page in demo



Click Here To Download : Download




K2 provides an out-of-the box integrated solution featuring rich content forms for items (think of Joomla articles with additional fields for article images, videos, image galleries and attachments), nested-level categories, tags, comments, a system to extend the item base form with additional fields

You can find in Extensions Folder


Go to Components -> k2










BT Google Map support you input both Address and Coordinate, create your custom marker with title, images, description

You can find in Extensions Folder


Go to Module Manager and find Our Location in position js-contact





You can see on demo in contact page


Click Here To Download : Download



Support & FAQ

Thank you for purchasing this Joomla Template! I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the themes on ThemeForest, you can ask your question in the profile page or send mail or Skype : joomlastars

Google Fonts -
Helix -
SP page builder -
com_jce -
plg_system_sl_scrolltotop -
k2 -
mod_bt_googlemaps -
virtuemart -
mod_jdcontact -
SP Quick contact -

Once again, thank you for purchasing this Template. As mentioned at the beginning of this documentation, we would be glad to help you if you have any questions related to this Template. Here is to be honest a simple documentation because we think there is no problem to implement your elements in this template because the code is clean and well commented.

If you are satisfied with "Astoria – Joomla Multipurpose Restaurant Template" please go to your downloads section on and rate Astoria with 5 stars. Otherwise, send an Email and I will try to find nice and easy solution for you :)

Hope that you will enjoy Astoria as much as I've enjoyed designing this template.


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